Maine State Library Friends:


The Friends of the Maine State Library do all they can to support the program goals and objectives of the Maine State Library.  Using funds raised from Members and Donations, as well as applying for grants, the Friends can make a difference.  Since the Friends organizaed, they have helped the Maine State Library, and as a direct result other libraries, to advance core services through the projects noted below.

Maine State Library Staff Development (2014)

Finding opportunities to help staff at the state library to attend national conferences so that they may develop and hone their skills is important. With funding at the state level extremely tight, the Friends of the Maine State Library funded the travel and registration for three staff memebrs to attend nationally recognized conferences: The Public Library Association Conference, the National Genalogical Society Conference, and the xxxx Conference.  In doing so, these staff members were able to learn about new initiatives from across the nation, and to bring back valuable ideas to the Maine State Library.

Support to Purchase Learning Machines for three Public Libraries (2013)

The Friends, through the Maine State Library, helped to fund AWE Early Learning Stations for three Maine public libraries -- Walker Memorial, Windham Public, and MacArthur Library. The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is an all-in-one touchscreen computer designed specifically for children ages 2-8. Because it does not require an Internet connection, it is a safe and secure educational solution for children in your library. The latest version features more than 70 educational software programs (featuring hundreds of activities) spanning all seven curricular areas. 

Public Scanning Lab (2012)

The Friends of the Maine State Library, has received a grant to purchase scanners for the use of the public at the Maine State Library.  Within the next month expect to see scanners available for patron use so that they may digitize personal papers and photographs.  These scanners will enable the Maine State Library to establish a public Scanning Lab in addition to being used to scan valuable historical documents of the Maine State Library.

Digital Microfilm Machine (2012)

  • Microfilm ScanPro 2000
    New digital microfilm reader.
  • Minolta MS-6000
    The classic microfilm reader we've all seen.
Image of
Friends of the Maine State Library are committed to raising funds to purchase a new Digital Microfilm Machine for the Maine State Library.

The Maine State Library (MSL) has hundreds, if not thousands, of roles of microfilm that contain archived newspapers and other documents that are accessed by the public and by MSL staff. Traditional “microfilm” machines are large and cumbersome and are becoming obsolete given new technologies.  For example, a traditional microfilm machine is able to print from the screen being viewed. In contrast, the new digital microfilm reader is able to email that same image, adjust the image digitally, send as a PDF, and allows users to create a profile of previous searches and store those profiles for later use without the actual microfilm being re-installed – it’s all captured digitally.

The Maine State Library is keenly aware of the trend in future technologies and we are exposed to new technologies through Library Conference trade shows, peers purchasing new technologies, etc.  To the extent that we can secure more digital microfilm readers, we will be better equipped to serve Maine’s citizens.